• 24Jul
    camping in nature

    You’ve finally managed to plan your trip to Rovinj in Croatia and you are leaving for your camping trip shortly. All the preparations and camping site bookings have been confirmed through campingrovinjvrsar.com and your bags are packed. But is there something that you should know about camping in Rovinj, Croatia?

    Yes, Croatia is a beautiful place but it is a different country. Before you set out, here are a few tips that should keep your safe and healthy.

    1. You can easily rent a car in the country and travel around seeing the local attractions. However, you should know that Croatians drive on the right. If you aren’t used to this type of driving, it may result in hair-raising moments as you get used to the right-hand drive.

    2. The beaches are beautiful but most of them are surrounded by rocks rather that soft powder sand. Make sure you carry a pair of waterproof shoes that will help you get in to the water. Jumping in is an option but sea urchins are a common problem on the shore and it can result in painful stings. Bring shoes.

    3. Save money and choosing camping facilities. Croatia is very expensive in the summer season but there are several great camping grounds spread out over the beaches and the city of Rovinj. Some of the camping sites also offer RV rentals. Most of these RVs are fitted with AC, TVs with SAT, warm baths, etc.

    4. Don’t forget to check the local events calendar. Rovinj hosts several great musical, food, and international art events in the summer. However, these events do tend to change depending on bookings and weather. Previous acts have included banks like Chic, Churches, London Grammar, and DJ Harvey.

    Boat parties are frequently held during the summer. You can find invitations online or at local hotels during the summertime. If you can afford it, some of the boats are also rented out to tourists for the summer. However, you should know that Rovinj has very volatile weather and winds can be difficult to manage for novice boaters. If you are new to boating, we recommend you stick to rovinj camping


  • 17Jul
    SEo should be handed to professionals

    Are you interested in promoting and selling your products and services globally? Launching a website is the best method to achieve this goal. However, you also need to ensure that your online store appears at the top of search results when potential clients query search engines for specific keywords or key phrases related to goods sold through it. This is where optimizing your website and including popular search terms in it helps. You should entrust this task to professionals who specialize in search engine optimization.

    Why hire specialists when you can do it yourself?
    You should never attempt to do this task unless you are fully aware of the algorithms set in place by the anti spam department of Google and other search engines. Apart from this, search engine optimization does not end with including specific keywords in your website’s coding. It is vital to post rich and engaging content, related to your services and products, on a regular basis. You also need to keep a track of new algorithms employed on search engines and change your website’s promotional methods accordingly. If this is not enough, you also need to study strategies used by your competitors and implement them on your online shop. Are you sure that you have the time and resources needed to execute all these tasks?

    Hand over the job to a professional
    Play safe by entrusting the task of improving your search engine page rankings to a search engine optimization specialist. They will check the coding of your website and make changes to it if required. This includes incorporating links to the different sections of your website so that the search engine spiders can crawl and include them in its index. They will check the landing page of your site and remove excessive graphics from it. This allows your website to load quickly even if the visitor has a slow internet connection. The professionals will also compose quality content and upload it on your website on a regular basis. However, do not expect miracles overnight. You need to wait for several weeks after implementation of the changes to witness an increase in the number of visitors to your site.


  • 11Jul
    hotel in vrsar

    Croatia is one of the most fashionable places in Europe that you can visit for a memorable vacation. Although it is a very popular holiday destination, the tourist industry here still hasn’t managed to use it to its full potential. Nevertheless, it definitely does not disappoint if you are looking for an impressive holiday destination. The country has a lot to offer in terms of things to do and places to see, so irrespective of what you enjoy doing while on vacation, you will definitely be able to have your wishes fulfilled at Croatia. Thus, spa fanatics, backpackers, yatchers, shopaholics, long-distance cyclists, etc will all find something for themselves in this beautiful country.

    Arranging for accommodation in Croatia is not at all a hassle because there are plenty of accommodation options. You can select a hotel of your choice depending upon your budget and preferences. It is always advisable to book your accommodation beforehand, this way you won’t need to frantically finalize your accommodation once you land in Croatia. To aid you in this task, you can go to websites that offer hotel bookings. So if you are visiting Vrsar, then you can look under the option ‘hotel Vrsar’ in order to get a list for whittling down. When you finalize your hotel Vrsar option, you should immediately book it because the earlier you book, the cheaper would be the rate. Thus, you can end up saving a lot of money, which can be used for other things during the vacation, like shopping, dining or for embarking on tours!

    You will not become a victim to boredom when in Croatia because it has so much to offer, from the mountains belonging to the Dinaric Alps full of waterfalls to the beautiful waters of the Adriatic coastline! You can also take a walk down the memory lane by visiting the medieval towns and absorbing their old world charm and elegance. If you like exploring then you can visit the ancient forts located in Brac and Hvar islands, most of these are centuries-old forts. There are also plenty of historic cities located in Croatia that are waiting to be explored.