• 30Apr
    SEo should be handed to professionals

    With new websites offering up all kinds of information being uploaded and added to the world wide web on a minute by minute basis, the Internet is increasingly living up to its moniker of being the information superhighway. With all these websites and information sources to choose from, a ranking and organizational system of sorts is needed to ensure that as the end user sifts through it all, he or she:

    i) is not overwhelmed by unnecessary information
    ii) can find exactly what it is he/she is searching for as needed

    This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play.

    Search Engines and SEO In A Nutshell: How It All Work

    Search engines are the portals through which users can sort and find what it is they are looking for on the Internet. All websites and the information therein are sorted by search engines using keywords, metatags and other metadata used to identify the kind of content available, ranking them in order of perceived importance in search engine results. On the other hand, SEO is a system that allows content providers like bloggers, web programmers, businesswomen and businessmen of all walks, the tools they need to ensure that they can use a search engine’s content sorting and ranking system to their advantage. Through SEO tools like keyword phrases, search engine marketing (SEM), metadata tagging and so forth, content providers can help ensure that their website or blog ranks highly in a given niche or whenever certain words or phrases are used in a web search.

    Making SEO Work For You

    While it does take effort, consistency and time, employing SEO tips and tricks to your body of content is not necessarily difficult once you have the right tools. While all SEO tips are useful, it all in a nutshell boils down to streamlining your content. As such, a good place go start is to focus on at least two sets/types of keyword phrases. That is, focus on a) general phrases/words specific to your industry and b) keyword phrases/words specific to your particular niche within your given industry.

    For example, if you blog about Bohochic fashions, then important keyword phrases for you could be ‘hot fashions’ or ‘latest fashion/style trends’ for your general industry keyword phrases and ‘bohemian fashion trends’ and/or ‘bohochic styles’ for your niche keywords. Ensure that these keyword phrases are found throughout your website/blog content.


  • 10Apr
    landscape design theme

    Transport themes simplify the process of developing a website to promote a business and to enhance its online presence. Whether a firm offers global logistics or a car rental agency, transport WordPress themes can help in promoting the business. The main features found in these themes include homepage designs, pre-built inner page designs, responsive layouts, and premium plugins such as Revolution Slider and Visual Composer. The common types of transportation WordPress themes include logistic, cargo press and transport themes.


    Logistic Theme
    The theme was developed specifically for transportation websites. It has various features including inner pages and homepage layouts that can be customized to suit one’s needs using the Visual Composer builder tool. Also, it has a front and an end page builder tool that can be customized to change the functionality and the appearance of the website. The logistic theme is very responsive and can be easily customized to meet the needs of a transport business.
    Transport Theme
    Transport theme can be used by business people in the global logistics, shipping, cargo, and transportation sectors. The theme’s main features include different layout options, various color schemes, multiple header styles, a quotation form for clients to submit their details, and a Revolution Slider plugin used on the homepage and the inner pages to provide detailed information. Transport theme provides all the required features to design a website to boost business in the transport sector.
    CargoPress Theme
    The theme has a clean and a modern layout that can help in improving any transport related business. It has a homepage with features such as image galleries, business statistics, partner information, testimonials, and animated slides. It also has a page builder tool that allows one to change the layout of the pages, and the Customizer tool to change the appearance of the website to suit one’s needs. CargoPress theme also has an attractive and a modern design suitable for boosting a company in the transportation sector.
    Since different transport themes have different modes and layouts, it is essential to check out for available demo configuration. Most of them can include demo content which could be sent to a website in a few clicks. Thus, if an individual is building a transport theme, then one may consider one of the above themes to ensure that the website is attracting more traffic to promote the business.

  • 02Apr
    advertising on google with google adwords

    After coming up with an excellent business website, the next challenge lies in attracting visitors to the site. But just how do you ensure the traffic your site attracts will translate into sales? Google has presented online marketers you with a paid advertising platform; Google adwords, which allows you to target your specific online market with customized adverts that link back to your website. However, even after implementing this surefire strategy, here are some of the reasons you are still not getting proper returns on investments (ROI) for your advertising costs.
    1. Your target keywords are too broad
    For your site to attract relevant traffic to your site, you have to be more specific with the keywords. Avoid using broad keyword phrases like Trousers for men in your advertisements. Instead, use more precise keywords to capture your target market attention. You should also consider using the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts to assist you to match up your target market with the right keywords.
    2. Your Pay Per Click advert sends potential clients to your home page
    What is wrong with that? Most online users need ready information. Therefore, by having your Google adwords sent directly to your home page is wrong. This is the reason most companies are experiencing a high number of bounce rates especially if their website is difficult to navigate. Ensure you have a landing page for every keyword for maximum sales conversions.
    3. Not tracking keyword performance

    In most cases, you will have several AdWord campaigns for various keywords. But are you tracking which of the keyword is performing exemplarily? Why should you continue paying for keywords that are not yielding? Tracing keyword performance ensures that you only optimize performing and drop non-performing keywords.
    Every business website requires superior advertising for maximum sales and Google adwords provide just the right medium. However, you have to ensure it is efficient and offering a great ROI. Choosing client specific keywords and tracking their performance are just a few ways of ensuring its efficiency. With these in place, you can rest assured that your adwords campaign will be headed for better times.