• 27Jun
    fb advertising

    According to data from Facebook, more than 900 million people visit the social networking site every day to communicate with friends, catch on the latest news, and view video content. These people are valuable to marketers because they spend almost an hour on the site, according to research published by eMarketer. Here are three surefire ways to market your business on Facebook.

    Learn Facebook Advertising Guidelines

    Start by learning as much as you can about Facebook’s advertising guidelines. This includes ad billing, types of ads allowed, advertising solutions offered by Facebook, audience targeting, creating Facebook ads, and measuring engagement metrics. Luckily, Facebook has published a lot of content specifically geared towards marketers on its site. Without in depth knowledge of these guidelines, you will be unable to create ads that you can upload onto this social media platform.

    Select Ad Format

    Entrepreneurs can create and use text, audio, image, and video-style ads to promote their businesses on Facebook. As such, select an ad format that suits your marketing needs and resonates with the target audience as well. With this in mind, video ads tend to generate better engagement metrics compared to other ad formats. For instance, 59% of executives would rather watch video content than read text, according to data from Forbes. Moreover, 50% of executives seek more information after viewing video ads meaning businesses that intend to target corporate executives can use these insights to create more compelling ads.

    Track and Analyze

    After rolling out your Facebook advertising campaign, track, measure, and analyze carefully business-specific metrics. Compare your metrics with industry metrics to determine whether your advertising campaign is working as desired. For instance, you could compare the number of leads generated before and during the marketing period. Fortunately, Facebook provides marketers with data that they can use for data analytics purposes. The downside is you must be well versed in statistics to extract meaningful insights from the data at your disposal. Most companies simply hire data analysts to perform data wrangling tasks.


    To market your business on Facebook effectively, it is wise to learn as much as you can about the advertising guidelines and standards Facebook has set. In addition, select a suitable ad format as well as analyze data generated before, during, and after the marketing period.


  • 26Jun
    flying to slovenia

    Slovenia has quickly become one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, and although it’s one of the continent’s smallest countries, it offers plenty to see and do. In addition to its 43 km of coastline, Slovenia offers historic towns and cities, plenty of shopping and nightlife, and some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery, including mountains, lakes and caves. Slovenia declared its independence in 1991, and today enjoys a stable economy and an important position at the crossroads of the Alps and the Balkans.

    Most visitors to Slovenia begin their trip by flying into Ljubljana airport, which serves the capital city. The airport offers over 200 flights each week to over 20 cities in Europe, including major business centres such as London, Brussels and Frankfurt. There are also flights to several of the more popular destinations in Greece and Turkey, including Thessaloniki, Skiathos, Heraklion and Istanbul. Destinations served by Ljubljana airport in the Middle East include Kuwait, Sharm El Sheikh and Tel Aviv.

    Ljubljana airport is located almost in the geographical centre of the country, making it easy to get to and from the airport from just about anywhere in Slovenia. Parking is plentiful, and the airport is served by two major bus lines, as well as taxi and limo service. There are almost a dozen cafes and restaurants in the airport, as well as a good selection of duty free shopping, a post office and a large business lounge.

    Although Ljubljana airport makes the ideal base to explore Slovenia and the surrounding countries, the city of Ljubljana itself offers plenty to see and do. The city boasts a picturesque old town, overlooked by a castle on a hill, and because of its large university, has a young and vibrant feel to it. Cafes, restaurants and shops now fill many of the city’s medieval buildings, and the old town also has many delightful alleyways and squares. Ljubljana is home to one of the best zoos in Europe, as well as some Roman ruins, and some excellent museums, including the country’s national museum with objects dating back as far as the stone age.


  • 11Jun
    fb advertising

    If you are a new start up company or even when you are a multinational company, You always need to have a good social media network to keep your brand in the news and promote your brand.
    When you are an established company you might think that you do not need to rely on social media so much anymore as with a start up company. This is where a lot of companies that miss the boat when it comes to social media.
    Social media management is the most important tool these days to get your products out there in the world and reviewed by your customers.
    To get started there with getting your brand the exposure that it deserves, by far the social media network to be on is on Facebook. Many of those companies that are on Facebook have a dedicated facebook community management.

    Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you off to an awesome start.

    The policies
    The first one that you really must know and adhere to is the Facebook policies. Putting this as the first as a lot of companies get their posts removed because of something that was posted.
    Facebook was the rights to check every message that is posted and check it for integrity and if no foul language or inappropriate visuals are included in the post. Keep a very close eye on those policies they can change without any prior notice to the user.

    The visual aspects
    To make the posts more inviting to click on or to respond to, make sure that you use visuals like pictures or flyers to make it easier and more fun to interact with your customers. The more the post grabs the attention the better the responds will be to the post.

    The Communication
    Answer questions that you as a facebook community management, get on the post or via the Facebook messenger as quickly as possible. This will ensure that the customers that do contact you will feel heard. Also it will indicate to customer that you are willing to answer any questions that they might have in a timely manner.

    Again stay on top of any sort of changes that Facebook, in this case, might make to their policies.


  • 09Jun
    flying to slovenia

    When you are booking your holiday arrangements, one of the first things you need to do is to make the flight arrangements. When you begin to book some of the best cheap flights to Ljubljana, you will be able to save money and know that you are getting one of the best flights to this amazing area. Taking a vacation to an area that you have never been to before is a wonderful way for you and your loved ones to explore a place you have never been to before, and this can be easier than you think when finding some of the best flight arrangements.

    One of the main issues that people have when making flight arrangements is that they do not know how to begin their search and so they may leave it all for last minute and then pay a fortune for their trip. The most important thing to remember is that cheap flights to Ljubljana are easier to find when you give yourself more than enough time to make all of the arrangements. The best way for you to get this done is to use the Internet to your advantage and to look for flights online so that you can book everything and know that it is all available to you when the time comes for you to actually leave.

    There are a lot of ways and reasons to book all of your flights off of the Internet. When you find cheap flights to Ljubljana online, be sure to book the flight and have secured seats for yourself and for anyone else who might be going on the vacation with you. By booking cheaper flights, this will provide you with extra money for the actual trip and you will still not be giving up anything on the actual flight itself. There are a lot of people booking their flight arrangements online, allowing you to get what you need and know that this is a great way for you to have an amazing trip that you will not soon forget along with the loved ones who have gone with you.