• 21Oct
    rent a car

    If you are planning to hire a car for a trip or event, it’s wise to consider how you can save on costs. Considering that you are paying to hire the vehicle and also fuelling it, you could easily end up spending a lot of money at the end of the hire. Below, discover some of the ways you can save on costs.

    Hire a small car
    It goes without saying that a smaller car will consume less fuel. That is because it has a smaller engine that burns less fuel at any given time. That, plus it’s small so it requires less power to move compared to a larger car. In addition to that, a smaller car is cheaper to hire. With that said, do not go for a bulky SUV from your car hire Tenerife service if the trip is just for you and maybe one or two other people. Instead, choose a smaller sedan.

    Limit your luggage
    The more luggage you have, the more weight your vehicle will carry and the more fuel the car will consume as a result. To avoid this, limit your luggage as much as possible. Do not travel with bags or items that you do not need. The lighter you travel, the cheaper your trip will be.

    Use a GPS
    Lots of people going on trips tend to get stranded or lost, especially tourists in hired cars. When you get lost, you tend to drive around more or take unnecessarily long routes. Again, this costs you at the fuel pump because you cover more distance. Ask your favorite car hire Tenerife for a GPS or carry yours. This will enable you to see where you’re going and to avoid traveling longer than you ought to.

    Keep the speed limit low
    Another trick to ensure that you save on costs is to keep the speed as low as possible. When you drive slower, the car’s engine burns fuel at a slower pace so the tank lasts longer. Of course, this does not mean that you drive at a snail’s pace. It just means that you do not over-speed unnecessarily, especially on busy centers or near speed bumps.

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