• 20Sep

    Keen skiers will know how difficult it can be to stay in shape when you live nowhere near any mountains. Maintaining ski specific conditioning is very hard if you are stuck using more conventional fitness equipment.

    Thankfully, there is a solution for keen skiers, in the shape of the ski simulator. This useful piece of kit comes in basic, standard and professional form, with each level offering slightly more in terms of functions, as you go higher. A basic level machine is great for beginners, and fitness users, with the more advanced models being more suitable for serious and competition skiers. The machine makes it possible to replicate the movements and postures which are used when skiing, something which is often almost impossible to do away from the mountains.

    A ski simulator is relatively easy to assemble, and can be used and stored in most homes with relative simplicity. Some models will also provide users with an instruction DVD, which can make using the machine even more accessible. Video instruction is very important, as it often informs the user about methods and techniques for the machine which they were unlikely to have been aware of beforehand.

    It is not just skiers who can feel the benefits of training with a ski simulator, though. Anyone who wants to improve their stamina and core strength will enjoy using this versatile piece of fitness equipment. Skiing on a machine like this can be good for the cardiovascular system, help you to lose weight, and improve the muscle tone of the legs and abdomen.

    A ski simulator is therefore a worthwhile acquisition for anyone who is interested in sport. Whether you want to record faster times on the piste this winter, or simply want to make sure that your wedding outfit will fit properly, a ski simulator might be just what you need.

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