• 30Apr

    Learning to ski can be a very tough and sometimes a hurtful process. So it is important to go through the gradual process of gaining a good ski technique. This means that as a beginner you must start with the basics which are the easiest and the safest. After you have mastered the beginner ski technique, you are ready to move on to the intermediate and then to the advanced ski technique. While going through this gradual process you will develop your very own ski technique.

    Learn to skiSnowplough
    The first skiing technique a skier beginner should master is the Snowplough also known as the wedge in the US. It is the best beginner ski technique because it allows the skier to descend and navigate the ski slope in a measured and controlled manner. This means that the skier has the biggest amount of control because the Snowplough is designed to go slowly. Even though the Snowplough is designed for skiers beginners, it can be use by skiers of more advanced ski technique in extreme conditions such as very low visibility.

    Stem Turns and Traversing
    After mastering the very basic ski technique, you can try to relax a little bit and try bringing your skis parallel as you move across the slope between slopes. This ski technique is called Traversing and it is actually the first logical step from the Snowplough, which is the very basic ski technique. If you try this ski technique, and realize that you are skiing to fast, you can always drop your knees in and force your heels out. By this you adopt a Snowplough position again, which you should be familiar with.

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