• 25Sep

    Ski parallelSkiers beginners usually start with the most basic ski technique, but they discover very quickly that this technique can be very painful. That is why most of them try to master the ski parallel turns because they offer the best of the beginnings of your skiing experience. When you do a ski parallel turn, it allows you to create a shift of weight that places your skis on their edges. When you are able to execute this, it seems as if the skis “turn themselves.”

    All in the skis

    Nowadays, all types of skiers can enjoy the thrills of ski parallel turns, more specifically the ski parallel carved turn. This was made possible after the shaped or parabolic skies were invented, allowing not only experts to execute a ski parallel carved turn. So this means that the first step you have to take if you wish to master the ski parallel turn is to buy the right equipment. And when doing this, it is important that you consult with somebody who will give you the necessary information about the type of skis who will suit you best.

    The most important step

    Even though you get all the necessary equipment you need, the most important step in learning the ski parallel turn is taking a ski lesson! It is highly unlikely you will be able to learn the ski parallel turn all by yourself and even if you do, the amount of falling down or even injuries you will face will not make it worth it.

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