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  • 02Jan
    fb advertising

    Facebook has been a great marketing and advertising tool for most businesses. However, most businesses remain sceptical about its use and results. With increased use of Facebook across all age groups, it is important to explore Facebook advertising for your business whether you are in retail, manufacturing, service or even Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCGs). The advantages are numerous. First, Facebook advertising allows for targeting using different criteria- geographically, socially, according to age and sex, according to what clients like among others. This is one of the most effective targeting since you isolate people with the greatest conversion potential. To sweeten the deal, you do not have to spend much money to get conversions. You can spend just one dollar or euro a day and still be able to get conversions. Therefore, the return on investment with Facebook advertising is on the higher side in comparison to other forms of marketing and advertising.

    Facebook provides you with a breakdown for every post or campaign on your page. It will highlight the number of clients who have seen your post, those who have opened it and will isolate those who go ahead and engage with your team. The statistics will even be compared from one post to another and from one period to another. The statistics can be analysed to give valuable insights to your marketing and advertising team. It will help with better targeting and therefore increase the conversion rate. You will also get insights on how your paid adverts and boosted posts are performing relative to your competitors although this may not be very reliable. Facebook is not only valuable for engaging clients for potential sales but it is a valuable asset to learn client behaviour and spending habits. It is also an excellent way to engage them one on one for meaningful feedback for your products and services.

    Facebook is the most widely used social network. This ensures that your adverts reach a greater audience and therefore there is a higher probability of conversion — above average for the industry in operation. With over 800 million active users, you are rest assured that you will be at a position to reach out to a great percentage of your target clientele. If your business is international, this is a cheap, convenient and easy way to keep in touch with clients. While some forms of advertising make it harder to track how much you spent on a specific campaign, Facebook advertising gives you a day to day account of the spend and the results. This makes it easier for businesses to track and stay within budget. It is also possible to use different modes of payments depending on the country of operation. You have the option to set your own spend limit for a specific period which is an added advantage.

  • 09Dec

    One of the principle uses of web analytics is in analysing visitor behaviour as they move through a web site. For example, a site with a high bounce rate may indicate a lack of engagement with visitors, due to a mismatch between the content being delivered and the snippet displayed on the search engine result page.

    However, for longer visits across multiple pages, web analytics can also reveal how sticky a site is. This is an important measure of visitor engagement, and is useful because research has shown that the longer a visitor stays on a site, the more likely they are to follow any calls to action.

    In order to work out how sticky a site is, simple web analytics can be used: the easiest is simply to measure the number of pages viewed per visitor. This can be broken down into unique pages and also re-visits to individual pages.

    A related measure often provided by web analytics services measures the total number of pages views, number of separate visits, and number of repeat visits. It is slightly less fine-grained, and cannot reveal anything about the chances of a visitor viewing multiple pages depending on their entry/exit page profile, but it is a good place to start.

    Added to these measures, measuring how long each visitor stays on the site can also give insights into engagement and stickiness. Most web analytics services will include this metric alongside other ones, and when analysed correctly can be very useful in improving the performance of a web site.

    However, unless the web analytics are enriched with data relating to the target keywords on a page, it will be hard to improve performance. For this reason, tight integration with site logs, third party trackers and external services can be a great way for a service to provide added value to web site owners.

    In the final analysis, web analytics are only as good as the plan for web site improvement. That plan needs to be constructed with a good idea as to what constitutes success: it’s not always about the time spent on the site.

    Using a professional web analytics consultant to help you is a natural first step in deciding what to measure, and how to improve a web site for future success.


  • 11Nov

    ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ — This is saying is widely known the world over. However, the harsh reality is that most people do the exact opposite. And nowhere else do first impressions matter than in digital marketing.

    As a merchant, you want your site to help you capture leads and generate sales. But in the modern digital world, having a website alone doesn’t make the cut; it needs to look good, be responsive and reflect your brand’s message. To hit on all the right marks, there are a few tips you could use to optimize your website.

    Is Your Site Trustworthy?

    Credibility involves not only web design, but also social proof. And how do you make the audience trust your business? Well, there are several indicators of social proof which you could incorporate to boost your site’s trustworthiness.

    -Privacy statement to declare how you treat your audience’s information
    -Security badges, especially if the visitors will submit sensitive personal details
    -Mentions from media outlets and other publications
    -Customer testimonials

    All these help validate your site’s credibility and should thus be shown at every opportunity.

    Quick Response Time

    Internet users have extremely brief attention spans. If your site takes too long to load, you’ll end up losing close to half of the traffic in less than 10 seconds. To keep visitors engaged for longer, consider reducing the size of images and eliminate any unnecessary details. Using a CDN (content delivery network) could also help in optimizing loading time. Basically, a CDN hosts different portions of a website in different data centers. By taking advantage of enhanced availability and performance at each location, all portions are served quicker and more efficiently.

    Social Media is King

    Lead generation mostly entails nurturing and maintaining relationships with people. Because modern clients are on social media, you need to be there to engage with them. And this doesn’t mean making odd appearances; it takes time and effort to build effective relationships.

    To boost your own presence, start by investigating your leads to find out what platform they use. Post relevant yet interesting content, such as images and articles, to your profiles regularly in order to start conversations with your leads. And don’t forget to add links to your own profiles on your site.


  • 21Oct
    rent a car

    If you are planning to hire a car for a trip or event, it’s wise to consider how you can save on costs. Considering that you are paying to hire the vehicle and also fuelling it, you could easily end up spending a lot of money at the end of the hire. Below, discover some of the ways you can save on costs.

    Hire a small car
    It goes without saying that a smaller car will consume less fuel. That is because it has a smaller engine that burns less fuel at any given time. That, plus it’s small so it requires less power to move compared to a larger car. In addition to that, a smaller car is cheaper to hire. With that said, do not go for a bulky SUV from your car hire Tenerife service if the trip is just for you and maybe one or two other people. Instead, choose a smaller sedan.

    Limit your luggage
    The more luggage you have, the more weight your vehicle will carry and the more fuel the car will consume as a result. To avoid this, limit your luggage as much as possible. Do not travel with bags or items that you do not need. The lighter you travel, the cheaper your trip will be.

    Use a GPS
    Lots of people going on trips tend to get stranded or lost, especially tourists in hired cars. When you get lost, you tend to drive around more or take unnecessarily long routes. Again, this costs you at the fuel pump because you cover more distance. Ask your favorite car hire Tenerife for a GPS or carry yours. This will enable you to see where you’re going and to avoid traveling longer than you ought to.

    Keep the speed limit low
    Another trick to ensure that you save on costs is to keep the speed as low as possible. When you drive slower, the car’s engine burns fuel at a slower pace so the tank lasts longer. Of course, this does not mean that you drive at a snail’s pace. It just means that you do not over-speed unnecessarily, especially on busy centers or near speed bumps.

  • 06Sep
    flying to slovenia

    Visitors to Slovenia often make the mistake of booking seats on the first airliner they come across online. They end up paying a fortune by doing so. With a bit of research they could have discovered Adria, the airliner of choice for tourists seeking cheap flights to Slovenia. Occasionally, some individuals do find this name while searching online, but they tend to overlook it after viewing its tariff. Had they bothered to go through details of this airliner, they would have found that it offers all the facilities of other international airliners, at down to earth prices. Ask any frequent traveller to Slovenia about the best flight options to that country, the only European country that combines the Karst, the Pannonian Plain, the Alps, and the Mediterranean, and they will invariably say Adria.

    No compromise on quality
    Just because Adria offers cheap flights to Slovenia does not mean that it compromises in quality. Their highly trained cabin crew will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. You need not worry about language problems, since they are fluent in most international languages. Apart from arranging for your hand luggage, they will help you find your seat too… a boon for those who are flying for the first time. You need not worry if this airliner provides flights from your country, since it provides flights to all major countries of the world.

    Book in advance
    Instead of waiting for the last moment, you should book your tickets as early as possible. Since Adria, an airliner that has been serving travellers for the past 55 years is the primary choice of executives and tourists seeking cheap flights to Slovenia, their tickets are sold as soon as they are available. Log on to their website today and book your tickets today. It is ideal that you book your return ticket too, since you might not find any seats available if you try to book a seat after reaching Slovenia. Keep an eye for special discounts available for specific flights. This will help you save even more money. Adria’s website also provides you with information about facts such as the culture ad history, places to visit, nature and sport, popular food of Slovenia, and much more information.

  • 30Aug

    Web analytics refers to the measurement, reporting and analysis of visitor and web data with the goal of improving web usage. When you collect such data, you find that there is a lot of data that is available for any site. In such a scenario, it is easy to find yourself lost in the huge data generated by the site. Here we bring you some tips that will improve your web analytics skills, and allow you to use your data to improve your web usage.

    The first thing you need to observe in the data, or one of the first, are the activities of your visitors. You should be aware of the bounce rate of your site, which is the percentage of users who came to some page of your site, but then left without visiting some other page. A related metric is the exit percentage, which is the percentage of users who exited on a page, but who could have been visiting some other pages on the site. Another important metric in the web analytics data is the visitor location. This should allow you to judge whether you need to publish your content in any other site. For example, if you find that a lot of your visitors are from Germany, you may want to capitalize on that by presenting your content in German too.

    Another significant metric in your web analytics data is the type of web browsers used by your users. You can check the web browser as well as the version number of the browser, the operating system, the screen resolution, and the flash or Java version installed on the client’s machine. By looking at the most common resolution, you can verify that your site is presented well in that resolution. Another way this data can be useful is by telling you whether everyone can see your site well. If you find that the bounce rate of the people with Firefox is too high, that may mean that there is some bug in the layout of your site, which is seen only by the users of the Firefox browser.

  • 29Jul

    In the highly competitive online space, information is power. Your web analytics gives you real time information about the state of your website. You should not ignore this data. You need to react to web analytics. These show you the areas that need improvement. To be on top of your digital game, you should improve all website areas that have shortcomings. Your online success is partly dependent on the proper interpretation of web analytics information. You need to get the full picture of your web analytics. You should look beyond the facts presented.

    You need web analytics if you are doing business online. Whether you run a blog or an commerce site, web analytics will come in handy. Serious online entrepreneurs know the importance of web analytics. That is why they make the analysis of web analytics an issue of top priority. No day should pass before you read analytics. This will help you in planning for the next day. By having real time information of how your website is fairing, you are one-step ahead of your competitors. Most website owners care very little about web analytics. Thus, by giving this issue the seriousness it deserves, you gain competitive advantage. To derive maximum benefit, make sure that you are using top web analytics software. Not every application out there is good. Some are just too complicated. Most likely, you have a busy schedule. Therefore, you do not have the time to understand a complex system. Find something that is easy to use. There are many amazing free applications. By upgrading to premium, you will enjoy additional benefits. Start with the free and upgrade at a future date.

    Successful entrepreneurs are those who have the best information. Web analytics will give you all the information you need to become successful. It will enlighten you about key aspects of your website. Having the right information is not enough. You need to use the information received to make your website better. Implementing web analytics is the sure way to double your conversions. If people leave your website as soon as they land on it, this is a sign that you have the wrong content and web design. Thus, you will need to revamp your online experience.


  • 29Jul

    Many tourists do not know how they can find cheap flights to Ljubljana for their Europe tour. First, the Internet is one of the best places where one can find great offers on cheap flights to Ljubljana. While using the Internet, the travelers can find a number of different approaches, which they can take to find a cheap flight ticket to Ljubljana. Being the fastest growing industry that helps a great deal with online travel, the Internet also contains many online suppliers like Adria.si who offer excellent discount airfares to Ljubljana. Most travel websites also allow tourists to compare the air flight prices with different airlines; therefore, if you are a first-time traveler, visit the online travel websites for more information. You can also compare the flights with a certain airline that has a flexible date window or time. It is important that you compare several online travel websites and the air flight prices before you settle on one. In some cases, the same flight can cost less on weekdays than it would on weekends. However, although online travel websites are the best way to find cheap flights to Ljubljana, ensure that you check out with an expertise travel agent or the airline authorities.

    Although looking for great offers on discounted airfares and cheap flights to Ljubljana on the Internet is time-consuming, it is still worthy especially if you are able to find a great cheap air flight deal. Tourists with flexible flying dates, destination selections, and time can save a lot of money on cheap flights to Ljubljana. While comparing to air flight prices, with either online travel websites or individual airlines, make a point of writing down all the displayed information, which includes the airline, flying time, and flying dates among others. This allows the traveler to easily compare and select cheap flights to Ljubljana without making mistakes. Travelers should book their flight ticket to Ljubljana as soon as they come across a good flight deal to any the European country.

    Looking out for consolidator flight tickets are another excellent way to get cheap flights to Ljubljana. Consolidator flight tickets are cheaper than the usual airline fares since they are available through wholesalers. In addition, the consolidator wholesalers offer their flight tickets to travel agents, who resell them as cheap air flight tickets to the travelers. During your search for cheap flights to Ljubljana, look for discounted offers, packages, and coupons that contain cheap flights within Europe. These discounts do not come easily as they sound; this means that one has to be aware of such bargain coupons and discounts that go around the aviation market. Discount coupons and special holiday packages play a great role in attracting tourists.

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  • 17Jul
    advertising on google with google adwords

    Google AdWords are the advertisements that you see on the right hand column of the page when you do a search on Google. More and more, these ads are displaying on non-Google pages as well. Google AdWords are so simple to use, it is likely that even smaller campaigns will notice this as a vital trend for the upcoming cycle. These AdWords are short ads displayed in two main settings. First, when we use Google to search for terms, the AdWords appear as sponsored links on the right hand side of the results page.

    Ads matching the terms we searched for are normally displayed and this means that people are already looking for websites like yours.
    Google AdWords are a fantastic way to connect with your target market through searches consumers may be doing for one of your company’s offerings. You have the capability to run several ads that are targeted with one or more search keywords and Google’s step-by-step demos walk you through the process of creating a successful ad campaign. AdWords are helpful for those who want ins constant flow of traffic and cannot wait for the site to get organic traffic. Google AdWords are those little text ads that run down the right side of the page when you do a Google search. The nice thing about an AdWords campaign is that you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes, and you can let it to keep running for as long as you want.
    Google AdWords are an advertising platform that offers both cost-per-impression (CPI) and cost-per-click (CPC) pricing for advertisements served on Google.com and its partner sites. Moreover, the program that gives you advertising revenue from every page on your blog or website with minimal investment in time is Google AdSense. AdWords are in a way different from the regular keywords. The AdWords are syndicated (you can choose to list Google only; other search sites and Google; or in contextual ads, other search sites, and Google). Think of the different user bases and pick the one that could be best for you. The Google AdWords are also known as pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and Sponsored links because you are only billed if your advertisements are clicked on. Google AdWords got nothing to do with SEO but they are what you pay for as opposed to real Search Engine Optimization.


  • 11Jul
    landscape design theme

    Gardeners engage in minor landscaping. They do not do it for decoration, necessarily. Sometimes people do gardening for decoration, but other people do it to grow vegetables to supplement their food supply. All of the landscaping done in this particular items are minor. The individual does not need to figure out elaborate landscapes involving trees and bushes. These things are the domain of the professional landscaper. it often takes too much time for an individual to set up these things the way that a professional would. A professional will do her best on any job, but they cannot do their best if people do not know bout their business.

    One of the best way for a business owner to advertise in the modern age to have a webpage. One of the easiest ways to set up a webpage in the modern era is to use the WordPress blogging platform. These platforms are easy to set up, but the person who pays for the hosting may find that he does not like the default WordPress theme. If he does not like the default layout, he needs to find another. If he is involved in a landscaping business, he needs to find a landscape design theme.

    Where can the new landscaping contractor find the landscape design theme he needs? Wordpres offers thousands of options for its users, but these options are not always tailored to the individual business owner or any specific type of business. Someone who is looking for something more specific should visit the Themeforest website. The people who maintain the Themeforest website offer thousands of business-oriented themes for the popular blogging platform. There is a good chance that the landscaper can find one that meets his needs. It may or may not need a few slight modifications. The blog owner can tinker with the layouts he needs.

    All but the most discriminating clients should be able to find a layout that meets their needs without messing with the layout. Why not visit the site today? The average user can spend hours browsing on his first visit. It usually takes less time on subsequent visits.