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  • 02Jan
    fb advertising

    Facebook has been a great marketing and advertising tool for most businesses. However, most businesses remain sceptical about its use and results. With increased use of Facebook across all age groups, it is important to explore Facebook advertising for your business whether you are in retail, manufacturing, service or even Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCGs). The advantages are numerous. First, Facebook advertising allows for targeting using different criteria- geographically, socially, according to age and sex, according to what clients like among others. This is one of the most effective targeting since you isolate people with the greatest conversion potential. To sweeten the deal, you do not have to spend much money to get conversions. You can spend just one dollar or euro a day and still be able to get conversions. Therefore, the return on investment with Facebook advertising is on the higher side in comparison to other forms of marketing and advertising.

    Facebook provides you with a breakdown for every post or campaign on your page. It will highlight the number of clients who have seen your post, those who have opened it and will isolate those who go ahead and engage with your team. The statistics will even be compared from one post to another and from one period to another. The statistics can be analysed to give valuable insights to your marketing and advertising team. It will help with better targeting and therefore increase the conversion rate. You will also get insights on how your paid adverts and boosted posts are performing relative to your competitors although this may not be very reliable. Facebook is not only valuable for engaging clients for potential sales but it is a valuable asset to learn client behaviour and spending habits. It is also an excellent way to engage them one on one for meaningful feedback for your products and services.

    Facebook is the most widely used social network. This ensures that your adverts reach a greater audience and therefore there is a higher probability of conversion — above average for the industry in operation. With over 800 million active users, you are rest assured that you will be at a position to reach out to a great percentage of your target clientele. If your business is international, this is a cheap, convenient and easy way to keep in touch with clients. While some forms of advertising make it harder to track how much you spent on a specific campaign, Facebook advertising gives you a day to day account of the spend and the results. This makes it easier for businesses to track and stay within budget. It is also possible to use different modes of payments depending on the country of operation. You have the option to set your own spend limit for a specific period which is an added advantage.

  • 27Jun
    fb advertising

    According to data from Facebook, more than 900 million people visit the social networking site every day to communicate with friends, catch on the latest news, and view video content. These people are valuable to marketers because they spend almost an hour on the site, according to research published by eMarketer. Here are three surefire ways to market your business on Facebook.

    Learn Facebook Advertising Guidelines

    Start by learning as much as you can about Facebook’s advertising guidelines. This includes ad billing, types of ads allowed, advertising solutions offered by Facebook, audience targeting, creating Facebook ads, and measuring engagement metrics. Luckily, Facebook has published a lot of content specifically geared towards marketers on its site. Without in depth knowledge of these guidelines, you will be unable to create ads that you can upload onto this social media platform.

    Select Ad Format

    Entrepreneurs can create and use text, audio, image, and video-style ads to promote their businesses on Facebook. As such, select an ad format that suits your marketing needs and resonates with the target audience as well. With this in mind, video ads tend to generate better engagement metrics compared to other ad formats. For instance, 59% of executives would rather watch video content than read text, according to data from Forbes. Moreover, 50% of executives seek more information after viewing video ads meaning businesses that intend to target corporate executives can use these insights to create more compelling ads.

    Track and Analyze

    After rolling out your Facebook advertising campaign, track, measure, and analyze carefully business-specific metrics. Compare your metrics with industry metrics to determine whether your advertising campaign is working as desired. For instance, you could compare the number of leads generated before and during the marketing period. Fortunately, Facebook provides marketers with data that they can use for data analytics purposes. The downside is you must be well versed in statistics to extract meaningful insights from the data at your disposal. Most companies simply hire data analysts to perform data wrangling tasks.


    To market your business on Facebook effectively, it is wise to learn as much as you can about the advertising guidelines and standards Facebook has set. In addition, select a suitable ad format as well as analyze data generated before, during, and after the marketing period.