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  • 02Jan
    fb advertising

    Facebook has been a great marketing and advertising tool for most businesses. However, most businesses remain sceptical about its use and results. With increased use of Facebook across all age groups, it is important to explore Facebook advertising for your business whether you are in retail, manufacturing, service or even Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCGs). The advantages are numerous. First, Facebook advertising allows for targeting using different criteria- geographically, socially, according to age and sex, according to what clients like among others. This is one of the most effective targeting since you isolate people with the greatest conversion potential. To sweeten the deal, you do not have to spend much money to get conversions. You can spend just one dollar or euro a day and still be able to get conversions. Therefore, the return on investment with Facebook advertising is on the higher side in comparison to other forms of marketing and advertising.

    Facebook provides you with a breakdown for every post or campaign on your page. It will highlight the number of clients who have seen your post, those who have opened it and will isolate those who go ahead and engage with your team. The statistics will even be compared from one post to another and from one period to another. The statistics can be analysed to give valuable insights to your marketing and advertising team. It will help with better targeting and therefore increase the conversion rate. You will also get insights on how your paid adverts and boosted posts are performing relative to your competitors although this may not be very reliable. Facebook is not only valuable for engaging clients for potential sales but it is a valuable asset to learn client behaviour and spending habits. It is also an excellent way to engage them one on one for meaningful feedback for your products and services.

    Facebook is the most widely used social network. This ensures that your adverts reach a greater audience and therefore there is a higher probability of conversion — above average for the industry in operation. With over 800 million active users, you are rest assured that you will be at a position to reach out to a great percentage of your target clientele. If your business is international, this is a cheap, convenient and easy way to keep in touch with clients. While some forms of advertising make it harder to track how much you spent on a specific campaign, Facebook advertising gives you a day to day account of the spend and the results. This makes it easier for businesses to track and stay within budget. It is also possible to use different modes of payments depending on the country of operation. You have the option to set your own spend limit for a specific period which is an added advantage.

  • 11Jun
    fb advertising

    If you are a new start up company or even when you are a multinational company, You always need to have a good social media network to keep your brand in the news and promote your brand.
    When you are an established company you might think that you do not need to rely on social media so much anymore as with a start up company. This is where a lot of companies that miss the boat when it comes to social media.
    Social media management is the most important tool these days to get your products out there in the world and reviewed by your customers.
    To get started there with getting your brand the exposure that it deserves, by far the social media network to be on is on Facebook. Many of those companies that are on Facebook have a dedicated facebook community management.

    Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you off to an awesome start.

    The policies
    The first one that you really must know and adhere to is the Facebook policies. Putting this as the first as a lot of companies get their posts removed because of something that was posted.
    Facebook was the rights to check every message that is posted and check it for integrity and if no foul language or inappropriate visuals are included in the post. Keep a very close eye on those policies they can change without any prior notice to the user.

    The visual aspects
    To make the posts more inviting to click on or to respond to, make sure that you use visuals like pictures or flyers to make it easier and more fun to interact with your customers. The more the post grabs the attention the better the responds will be to the post.

    The Communication
    Answer questions that you as a facebook community management, get on the post or via the Facebook messenger as quickly as possible. This will ensure that the customers that do contact you will feel heard. Also it will indicate to customer that you are willing to answer any questions that they might have in a timely manner.

    Again stay on top of any sort of changes that Facebook, in this case, might make to their policies.


  • 16Aug
    digital marketing and google adwords

    The choice of a Facebook management team has a great effect on how your business performs. The team should be committed to the excellence of the company and therefore should be committed to the work they do. Facebook community management is an involving task and the individual should have the ability to work on it without complains. In addition, it is a task that involves concentration. The team should therefore be at a position to maintain high levels of concentration in order to make acquaintances with many potential clients but at the same time maintain professionalism. The team should also possess skills that enable them determine the success rate of the organization.

    Facebook Community management team should also have some training or knowledge on creation and maintenance of a brand. This will make their work much easier and will enable them to determine the effect of their work on the company brand. Experience is one thing that you cannot overlook. It determines the success of any job. Experience ensures that the team knows which strategies to use and the ones that should be avoided at all cost. It also ensures that the team has a number of strategies that they are confident about and can carry out without straining. If you are looking for a great team, ensure that all the members can work in harmony and that their skills and their level of experience complement each other. It leads to a holistic approach to management and therefore success.

    Discipline in any team is mandatory for success. The level of discipline highly affects the results achieved. Every Facebook community management team should have high levels of disciplined. This coupled with high levels of skills and experience will ensure that your business brand reaches even the most remotely placed client. It also ensures that company policies are adhered to in development of brands and their maintenance. If you are seeking to build a seasoned team, you should ensure that you spell out the job description as articulately as possible. The selection process should be thorough and should be done by people who understand what the job involves.