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    Every culture considers doors as a symbol of transition. They are the first thing we pass when we enter into a life of a new person and it does not matter if these doors are old, new, simple, luxury…There is always a connection between another life or opportunity. They are an element we use every day and every day a new door might open for us with another adventure.

    The development of luxury home doors

    Doors changed a lot through our history. With the development of construction and with the need to be protected people started making and improving doors. At first it was just a simple door without any locks but with the need of privacy and protection locks became widely used. When the basic were covered it was not just so much about protection but people wanted their door to look nice. They started changing, developing and improving different styles to satisfy the needs of their customers. That is where luxury home doors start to make an appearance. Families, especially wealthy families, wanted to let other people know how well off they are by choosing very luxury home doors that everybody could see. First luxury home doors were made out of wood. They were big, made out of quality wood, heavily decorated with small glass windows. Later on, different materials replace wood, the most popular was steel. Doors made out of this material gave even a bigger luxurious look. These days, most building have modern looking entrances with simple, elegant design. However, instances of luxury home doors can still be found in older buildings or building of historical value like museums. On the other hand, more and more people nowadays want to decorate their home in styles from previous centuries, when luxury home doors were a common thing. Visit the website pirnar.co.uk for more information.

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