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    digital marketing and google adwords

    Google AdWords was historically known to be almost inaccessible for small business houses or those on a shoestring budget. However, things have become quite inexpensive over the years and almost anyone can spread their word via the AdWords platform. That said, there are still chances of inflating the AdWords budget if you don’t plan things right. Let us go through some tips for AdWords to stay within the financial realm.

    Be Clear

    Don’t enter the Google AdWords game half-minded. If you’re not sure, give yourself some time to get the reassurance. If it’s still not ringing a bell, look for other advertising options.

    It’s also got to do with product popularity and awareness. If you’re selling something that buyers are not aware of, you’d probably find very little to almost zero conversions – regardless of how targeted the keywords are. At times, you’ve got to give it to word-of-mouth advertising.

    Viable Budget

    Ads put up by Google AdWords generally show up on several thousand related websites. If you don’t price the clicks right, you are quite likely to be siphoned off your budget in a relatively short period. Get more realistic and set monthly or daily budgets. This also helps manage the traffic coming through the ads.

    Local Market Focus

    If you are in a business that can’t serve international or distant customers, set your ad campaigns accordingly. If your store is set in London and potential customers from America, India, etc. click through, they may be impressed but the deal still won’t come through as the mile-gap is a huge deterrent. AdWords can be customized in a hundred ways. Take advantage of the settings and fine-tune them to your preferences.

    Keyword Focus

    Focus on the right keywords. Keep them as narrowed and concentrated as possible. A wider keyword range is likely to tap the wrong crowd. For instance, if you have an iPhone repair shop, set your ad keywords as “iPhone repairs” and not “mobile repairs.” With “mobile repairs” as the keyword, your ads are likely to be clicked upon by users requiring service for their Android or Windows phones – an obvious mismatch.


    Regardless of how concentrated or targeted the ad campaign is, ensure continuous monitoring. Keeping a close eye on the proceedings will help uncover your ad campaign strengths and weaknesses.

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