• 13Mar
    landscape design theme

    Not all WordPress themes are created equally, and not all themes are suited to the needs of all blogs. Still, whatever the needs of your unique blog, the fact remains that creative WordPress themes can help to quickly take your WordPress blog to the next level. Well designed and highly functional themes help grow your blog by making it more user friendly and attractive. Below are some features you can look for as indicators to help you decide whether a particular theme is for you – or not.

    1. Layout

    The best WordPress themes are those that have a sleek, clearly laid out design that is minimalist, even when “a lot” seems to happening on the page. This is important as the right layout will help your blog to not only look professional, but to also be easily legible as everything is in its place. This may be achieved through placing contents in the appropriate places of the page, as well as through the proper use of colors and fonts. Too much color can be overwhelming, but the right colors used as accents can be perfect. Similarly fonts can be used to highlight sections without making the blog content overwhelming.

    2. Form and function

    While layout is a considerable part of proper form and function where creative WordPress themes are concerned, there are other features that are also important. Such features include widgets, menu items and even theme support, among others. The way a theme treats with menus for example will determine if it is right functionally for your blog. If your blog needs sub-menus to maintain a clean look and organized function, then any WordPress theme you even think of using must have the same. Similarly, some blogs are literally just that – blogs, and therefore does not need a lot of widget space and/or support. The opposite is true for other blogs that may need plenty widget support and magazine like functions.

    The above are just two of the things to consider when using creative WordPress themes. There are a host of other considerations to be taken into account. Keep reading our blogs for even more tips on using WordPress and finding the perfect creative WordPress themes for your needs.


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