• 28Sep

    Indoor skiingEven if the skiing season is over, you can still enjoy skiing even in the off-season. Indoor skiing has become very popular during summer when “normal” skiing is not possible and also in countries, where the climate does not allow people to enjoy this more and more popular sport. Here are some resorts that offer indoor skiing and are becoming popular with every off-season.

    SNO!Zone – United Kingdom

    SNO!Zone is an indoor skiing dome chain in the UK. It  has three venues: Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, Castleford in West Yorkshire, and Braehead in Glasgow. All these venues are opened all year long and together they create more than 1500 tons of snow daily.

    The SNO!Zones are located within XSCAPE which is an entertainment destination that includes rock climbing, mini-golf, bowling, indoor sky diving, skate park, and a movie theatre. So you can be sure that even if you get tired of indoor skiing, there will still be plenty of other things to do.

    Snow Planet – Auckland, New Zealand

    Snow Planet is New Zealand’s only indoor skiing resort. The 200m long slope is located just north ofAuckland and features two pommel lifts and snow is produced weekly at 23 degrees Fahrenheit. The Snow Planet offers program called the “Chillybin Club,” after school ski and snowboarding lessons for children ages 3 and up.

    Shanghai Snow Centre – Shanghai, China

    The Yiqixing Indoor Skiing Center includes a 380m slope that is 80m wide and this makes it one of the largest indoor slopes in the world. If indoor skiing is not enough, the Indoor Skiing Center also includes a very large entertainment area withhot springs, restaurants, swimming pools, saunas, and a VIP lounge.

    Another version of indoor skiing: http://www.ski-simulator.com/


  • 25Sep

    Ski parallelSkiers beginners usually start with the most basic ski technique, but they discover very quickly that this technique can be very painful. That is why most of them try to master the ski parallel turns because they offer the best of the beginnings of your skiing experience. When you do a ski parallel turn, it allows you to create a shift of weight that places your skis on their edges. When you are able to execute this, it seems as if the skis “turn themselves.”

    All in the skis

    Nowadays, all types of skiers can enjoy the thrills of ski parallel turns, more specifically the ski parallel carved turn. This was made possible after the shaped or parabolic skies were invented, allowing not only experts to execute a ski parallel carved turn. So this means that the first step you have to take if you wish to master the ski parallel turn is to buy the right equipment. And when doing this, it is important that you consult with somebody who will give you the necessary information about the type of skis who will suit you best.

    The most important step

    Even though you get all the necessary equipment you need, the most important step in learning the ski parallel turn is taking a ski lesson! It is highly unlikely you will be able to learn the ski parallel turn all by yourself and even if you do, the amount of falling down or even injuries you will face will not make it worth it.