• 12Nov

    Skiing exposes the participants to several demands and forces that the body must be prepared for in advance. Ski training is therefore designed to enable the participants successfully accomplish their goals during the competition. However, the exercises involved do not have to necessarily resemble the sport. It has to involve movements that will prepare your muscles for the sport. Ski training will help you train your body into different movement patterns that will enable you device survival techniques whenever in the field. The different training programs provide similar challenges that you would experience while skiing. At the beginning, the exercises appear tough but with consistent practice, participants find it easier to adapt. With both dedication and diligence, you will find your upcoming skiing season enjoyable. Below are ski training trips that will guide you into building a persevering body.

    Inchworm exercises
    The goal of the exercise is to enhance hip mobility, core stabilization and core strength. The exercise begins with the participant’s body in a push-up position. They then walk forward with their feet in small steps. The knees should be locked out while the hands should be flat on the ground. The forward movement should continue till the feet fall flat on the ground. At this point, the participant should walk forward using their hands until they regain their push-up position. Performing this exercise continuously for 10 times will make you fit to try out a new exercise.

    The exercise is aimed at boosting core endurance and increasing hip mobility. It involves taking a long lunge with the hands placed down on the ground. The hands should be positioned in line with the front foot. The participants should try to keep their back knees locked out as much as they can. They should then stand up and step forward with their next foot and repeat it severally. 20 steps can be enough to result in fitness.

    Skater to hold
    The goals of the exercise include boosting hip mobility, power and strength as well as core stabilization. It involves standing on your right leg and jumping and landing using your left foot. The landing should be absorbent and soft and you should take about 2 seconds of rest before handling the next jump. You should ensure that you land the furthest point you can possibly control as well as balance. The exercise can be repeated 20 times for fitness.

    Hip twister
    The goals include boosting hip mobility and enhancing core strength, stabilization and endurance. The participants begin in a push-up position while focusing on their hips. One side should be twisted and the hips should be pushed downwards towards the floor. These positions should be continuously alternated for almost 20 times for perfection.
    All the mentioned movements combine a variety of athletic components. The specific components in the exercises will guide the participants in surviving the slope environment. Combining all these exercises alternatively will help you build muscular endurance which is important during skiing.