• 12Mar

    Nothing makes better first impression than having luxury double entry doors. These kinds of doors are found in buildings such as hotel, restaurants, schools… Luxury double entry doors are usually not the first choice when it comes to decorating your home unless your style is more luxury and extravagant or you want to add small details to make your house or apartment look more stylish. A lot of hotels, especially older ones, still have luxury double entry doors. They are the first thing their guest can see and they can make them expect a lot or nothing. Even restaurant use this kind of door style to attract more guests and to avoid crowd at the entrance.


    What exactly are luxury double entry doors?

    Double entry doors are doors that meet in the middle when they are closed. They are usually twice the size as regular entry doors and that is the main reason they are used in most of the public places. A much bigger crowd can go in and out without bouncing into each other on their way and they do not have to wait for other people to go in or out of the building. Luxury double entry doors are very big in size. They are most commonly decorated with golden details and have different patterns across them. When used in public spaces they are made out of glass to give people an illusion of luxury and elegance. In conclusion, luxury double entry doors were a normal thing in the past and they are still preserved to this day. They give visitors or customers a welcoming feeling. They are visually pleasing and because of that a great attraction to increase numbers of guests in hotels or restaurant or visitors in museum. Visit the website www.pirnar.co.uk and choose you luxury entrance door.