• 26Jun
    flying to slovenia

    Slovenia has quickly become one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, and although it’s one of the continent’s smallest countries, it offers plenty to see and do. In addition to its 43 km of coastline, Slovenia offers historic towns and cities, plenty of shopping and nightlife, and some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery, including mountains, lakes and caves. Slovenia declared its independence in 1991, and today enjoys a stable economy and an important position at the crossroads of the Alps and the Balkans.

    Most visitors to Slovenia begin their trip by flying into Ljubljana airport, which serves the capital city. The airport offers over 200 flights each week to over 20 cities in Europe, including major business centres such as London, Brussels and Frankfurt. There are also flights to several of the more popular destinations in Greece and Turkey, including Thessaloniki, Skiathos, Heraklion and Istanbul. Destinations served by Ljubljana airport in the Middle East include Kuwait, Sharm El Sheikh and Tel Aviv.

    Ljubljana airport is located almost in the geographical centre of the country, making it easy to get to and from the airport from just about anywhere in Slovenia. Parking is plentiful, and the airport is served by two major bus lines, as well as taxi and limo service. There are almost a dozen cafes and restaurants in the airport, as well as a good selection of duty free shopping, a post office and a large business lounge.

    Although Ljubljana airport makes the ideal base to explore Slovenia and the surrounding countries, the city of Ljubljana itself offers plenty to see and do. The city boasts a picturesque old town, overlooked by a castle on a hill, and because of its large university, has a young and vibrant feel to it. Cafes, restaurants and shops now fill many of the city’s medieval buildings, and the old town also has many delightful alleyways and squares. Ljubljana is home to one of the best zoos in Europe, as well as some Roman ruins, and some excellent museums, including the country’s national museum with objects dating back as far as the stone age.


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