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    inorbit marketing conferece

    Having a career in marketing is not easy because there is so much competition in the industry. It is definitely a race to the bottom irrespective of which industry you’re from because new competitors emerge in the blink of an eye! Also, the tactics which worked a couple of years ago aren’t going to serve you any purpose now and in order to ensure your survival in the field, it is necessary to step your game up and sharpen your inbound marketing skills.

    If you thought that you can effectively sharpen your skills by reading blogs, listening to podcasts, watching videos on Youtube instead of ‘wasting money’ on conferences and workshops then think again. Live event such as conferences are the best way of taking your game to the next level because it provides unique career building and learning opportunities, which cannot be found anywhere else! Moreover, when you attend a highly effective conference, the benefits experienced would be so much more!

    If you’re looking for a conference for brushing up and improving inbound marketing skills then the best solution would be inOrbit 2016. Famed as the largest inbound conference in Europe, inOrbit is an annual event. This year, it is all set to held on 10th – 11th March in one of the greenest capitals in Europe, Ljubljana. Although this city may be tiny, it is very cosy and scenic, which is why it makes a good venue for hosting a conference of international stature like the inOrbit 2016.

    There will be sixteen expert speakers at the conference, each of them an expert in the field of marketing. They will be providing unique and actionable insights while sharing their knowledge with the participants through presentations, lectures and case studies. The two-day conference will be covering a wide array of topics pertaining to inbound marketing which would help participants do well in their field and make sales like a pro! Topics such as conversion rate optimization, SEO, e-commerce, digital analytics, social media marketing, content marketing, etc are some of the highlights of this much anticipated event.

    The event definitely looks promising. If you haven’t already booked your tickets then make sure you do in order to not miss out on all the knowledge, insights and networking opportunities that inOrbit has on offer for the participants!

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