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    Every door has an important function of providing security and limiting the entry to those that are allowed to enter. But on the other hand, they have to provide free passage to the authorised users, which conflicts with the task of providing security against burglars and other uninvited guests. The conundrum can be resolved by smart mechanisms for locking and unlocking the doors. Fingerprint doors are a great example, but not the only one. Beside the locking mechanisms, there are also auto opening and closing mechanisms that further enhance the usability and simplicity of such doors. Fingerprint doors can be upgraded with such mechanisms as well, providing great experience with every use. Actually, it’s possible to achieve all kinds of effects when combining different locking and opening mechanisms. Fingerprint doors can open new possibilities for those that can’t use the usual mechanisms for fear of safety breaches or any other reason, but they only offer the potential – it has to be optimally used to really shine.

    fingerprint doors

    Fingerprint doors with a safe lock

    Fingerprint doors are very easy to use. They use a fingerprint scanner to decide whether to allow entry or not. It’s crucial to use a safe lock with such doors, but also a smart and capable system for handling the authorization. Fingerprints are scanned and saved, so it’s possible to manage different residents, guests, and other users. The access can be simply granted or revoked, which is a great feature in the buildings with multiple levels of users. Smart fingerprint doors also allow great control over other functionalities, even setting up timers for different authorization plans. On the other hand, the system is still simple and effective enough to serves less demanding users, for example those that want to get rid of the keys for entering their own apartment.

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