• 29Mar
    slovenia airport

    The Airport, though seemingly a busy structure abuzz with people ready to take on different journeys to different places, can be your home for several hours, especially if you have a rather long waiting time. However, just arriving on time or finding the necessary services you need can be an ordeal. Airport troubles are not an uncommon sight for frequent flyers. Some passengers arrive way past the check-in time due to traffic, or have arrived early with no available leisure activities except staring at the ceiling. Thankfully, there are airports that are definitely passenger-friendly and are located in areas where accessibility and traffic becomes less of an issue. If you live in Slovenia for example, or have ever been to the Slovenia Airport to take a flight out of the country, you will appreciate the essence of having an airport that is well-connected to the nearby cities, so much so that transit via bus is possible. The Slovenia Airport boasts a business lounge, a duty free shop, bars and cafés, and a children’s corner to help entertain your kids while waiting. There’s also low-cost parking!

    If you have flights with Adria Airways as your main carrier, the you might already be familiar with the Slovenia Airport, or Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport as it is known locally. If you live outside Europe, then it’s time to hop on Adria Airways and travel to different destinations in Europe. After all, the beauty of this continent is not monopolized by England, France or Germany, or their respective capital cities. Prague, Copenhagen, Vienna and Pristina are equally beautiful destinations. It is time that tourists fly to other lesser known locations, and if you’re already thinking it, let Adria Airways take you there.

    Airports are an important aspect of our travel; it can contribute to the fun travel experience or add to the hassle. Airports all over the world have different services and levels of accessibility which leads to the conclusion that not all airports are created alike. As evidenced by the Slovenia Airport, the size of the country is irrelevant to having an excellent-quality airport.


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