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    holidays in istria

    Located in Croatia, Istria is a green paradise of lush forest and deep valleys. This heart-shaped, 3600 square kilometer peninsula lies just south of Italy and is located just at the head of the Adriatic Sea between the Gulf of Trieste and Bay of Kvamer. Sometimes overlooked as a vacation spot, this beautiful historic land has wonders and scenery that must be experienced to be truly appreciated. istria is considered a pearl among the Adriatic and is well known for for its history and culture. Istria has also been appreciated for its award winning olive oils, truffles and luxury hotels, making it a destination apart from many others.

    Towns like Pula are rich with history including the Arena, the 6th largest surviving Roman amphitheatre. Pula is a small town where traveling to tourist spots require nothing more than a walk or taxi ride. Buses are also available as well as cars, however taxis are the most reliable source of transportation for tourist. Croatia is the language most spoken in Pula, but Italian is also by part of the population. The Roman architecture make Pula stnad out against other cities in Croatia. But beyond the ancient buildings is a town rich in entertainment and nightlife. With venues such as Cabahia, an artsy hideaway with dim lighting and a garden terrace, or try the Rojc, and underground venue concerts and fun.

    This small town is located just 10 kilometers from Pulin and is home to about three thousand inhabitants. There are two small peninsula’s where one can walk around and enjoy fresh grown vegetables or explore ancient Roman ruins. Travel is mostly done on foot in this small town as the roads are narrow and confined. There are no luxury hotels in Medulin but small and large apartments can be rented through local owners.
    A visit to Istria is one that should be well planned out or booked through a professional travel agency. There is much to do and see while vacationing in Istria, such as Medieval day tours, hiking and bike tours so decide beforehand the type of vacation experience you would like to have.


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