• 01Feb
    data analytics

    Web analytics is an important factor of running a successful business online. It is themeasurement, collection, reporting and analysis of the data gathered from a website for the purpose of understanding the usage of the audience.

    Once you start a website for selling some product or service, you would need to track a lot many factors about the visitors to your site. Analysis is important for tracking and measuring the performance of any business whether it is online or offline.

    Different people use your website in a different way. Some come and browse a single page of their interest while others check multiple pages. Some spend more time on your website while others do not. As the content on internet can be accessed from anywhere in the world, your business may get local as well as international customers. Thus, it becomes imperative for you to collect relevant data about these visitors to your site so that you can make favorable changes in your site to provide value to your audience.

    There is plenty of analytic software available on the web. The leading search engine giant Google also provides its analytics software. You can easily include the software’s code on your website and instantly start to see the behavior of your website visitors. This is software of choice for millions of webmasters. It is both free and paid. In the beginning, you can install a free version of the software and opt for a premium version when you have enough traffic and you need more valuable insights about your visitors, down the line.

    The various parameters that analytics software tracks for your website can have an important role in shaping the future of your business. With the right software, you get to understand the behavior of your audience better and as a result you can deliver quality services.

    In short, web analytics can be the backbone of a web based business. Because unless you know how many people are visiting your website every day, and what are the activities they are doing on your site, you might end up losing a lot of potential customers.


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